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Mums and Babies


Because of the gentle nature of this work, Biodynmic Craniosacral Therapy is particularly suitable for mothers and babies, offering support from conception, during pregnancy, for birth preparation and beyond. It can support a range of conditions including colic, constipation, teething, sleep issues, breastfeeding difficulties, and any birth trauma from interventions such as forceps, ventouse and c-section. It is also a wonderful way for mother and baby to settle deeply together and experience a deeper bonding.


During sessions mother and baby will always be treated together. The needs of the baby are always prioritised, and treatments work around feeding and sleep. 

Mums and babies sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour and cost £30.

If you are interested in finding out how Biodynmic Craniosacral Therapy could help you and your baby get in touch for a free phone consultation. 

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