About Mari

I am a therapist informed by Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices, with a deep care for individual and collective wellbeing. I support clients in finding new pathways to wholeness and health, and to return home to the inherent wisdom of their bodymind system. I draw on a range of modalities but my practice is essentially process oriented. Bringing presence and heart centred listening, I follow the unfolding of each client's process, expressed at the level of the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic. My practice is informed by the teachings of Peter Levine and Stephen Porges, as well as my training in Somatic Psychology. 


I trained in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills at The Karuna Institute in Dartmoor, having experienced the depth of this healing modality for myself. I have a particular interest in the field of embodied developmental psychology and relational trauma, and how these impact us as adults. I have completed a number of further trainings in pre perinatal work, including a year long experiential training with Cherriona Menzam-Sills in Pre Perinatal Therapy, working in the format of Ray Castellino's Womb Surround Process Workshops. I am currently completing the IBMT training in Somatic Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley and faculty, and incorporate the practices of Development Movement, Body-Mind Centering and Authentic Movement into my therapy practice. 

I love exploring the threads that run through creative and therapeutic work, the connections between presence, embodiment and self expression. I believe that when we widen our field of attention, orient to the health and tend to our experience with kindness, we discover inherent states of wellbeing, connectedness and body- knowing. When we are able to stay present to our experiences 'something' happens. Things shift, move, open out. We discover we are vaster that we had at first imagined. We encounter joy amidst the sadness, pleasure in the midst of pain. 

Outside of my practice I can be found writing, playing music and exploring the great outdoors.



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