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About Mari


I am a somatic therapist and educator with over 10 years experience offering body oriented therapies and mindfulness practices. I support clients in finding new pathways to wholeness, ease and connection, welcoming isolated parts back into the community of the body through touch, movement, breath work and dialoguing. 


My work focuses on trauma healing, nervous system regulation, and embodied relational safety, guided by my training in Somatic Therapy and Internal Family Systems. My practice is essentially relational, which means I work alongside individuals with presence and heart centred listening, supporting client's to access their own inner body knowing and innate capacity for healing.

I have completed a number of further trainings in pre perinatal work, and continue to practice and train in Authentic Movement which supports and underpins my practice. I have an interest in collective trauma and healing, and believe in the importance of acknowledging the effect of the wider systems we are a part of. I am informed by further studies in somatic abolitionism, community grief tending and deep ecology, and am passionate about being part of movements which contribute to creating healthier, more embodied cultures. I have recently had a chapter published in 'The Fluid Nature of Being' called 'Awakening to the Collective Body: Authentic Movement as a Path to Wholeness', reflecting on somatic practices as a way to reconnect to the wider systems and communities of planetary and nonhuman realms which we are a part of. 


Before working as a therapist my background was in the arts and social care. I came to explore body oriented practices somewhat accidentally, but was blown away by the direct pathways they offer for accessing wholeness and integration. This works speaks to my background in the arts, and I love exploring the threads that run through creative and therapeutic work. I believe that when we widen our field of attention, orient to the health and tend to our experience with kindness, we discover inherent states of wellbeing, connectedness and body- knowing. When we are able to stay present to our experience 'something' happens. Things shift, move, open out. We discover we are vaster that we had first imagined, and part of the wider dance of life. I am passionate working in this way and am very grateful to be able to share it with others. 


Outside of my practice I enjoy dance, writing, playing music and walking.

Professional Qualifications


2023 - 2024: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level 1 with SPI

2023: Internal Family Systems Level 1 with IFS Institute

2015 - 2021: Somatic Movement Therapy (RSMT, ISMETA) 

IBMT Diploma: Somatic Psychology, Embodied Anatomy, Developmental Movement, Authentic Movement

2014 - 2016: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with the Karuna Institute (BCST)

2013 - 2014: Holistic Massage Therapy with MTI Massage Training Institute



Further Training 


2023 - ongoing: Pre & Perinatal Psychology with Myrna Martin

2023: Treating Trauma with Internal Family Systems


2022: Healing Complex Trauma with Janina Fisher

2021: Grief Tending Apprenticeship with Sophie Banks 

2018 - 2019: Pre-Perinatal Therapy Experiential Training with Cherionna Menzam- Sills

2016: Working with Babies, Mothers & Pregnancy with Sarah Nesling

2015 - 2018: Embodied Developmental Psychology with IBMT & Linda Hartley


2015 - present: Authentic Movement ongoing training and practice with Linda Hartley and Fran Lavendel

2014 - present Mindfulness & Compassion meditation practitioner & teacher 

2010 - 2011: Process Oriented Psychology Peer Supervision Group


2010 - 2011: Art Therapy Foundation Training

Somatic Therapies
Internal Family Systems 
Somatic Movement Therapy
Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy

Glasgow West End
Scotland, UK


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