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Somatic Movement Therapy

I am a qualified somatic movement therapist offering sessions in integrative bodywork and movement therapy, a form of somatic movement therapy developed by Linda Hartley, founder of the IBMT institute. I am registered with ISMETA and follow their code of ethical conduct. 

This work incorporates the practices of Authentic Movement, Somatic Psychology, and Body-Mind Centering® practices of Embodied Anatomy and Developmental MovementI incorporate these practices into individual sessions for those interested in exploring movement work, as well as occasional group workshops. 

Somatic Movement Therapy is a form of therapeutic movement work that invites us to connect to ourselves through the direct experience of the body, attending to experiences of sensation, feeling and imagination, through movement and stillness. The aim of this work is to support our relationship with ourselves, others and our environment, deepening our capacity for presence, aliveness, and vitality.

The work meets us wherever we are, and supports us to work creatively and sensitively with whatever may be obstructing our capacity for health and wholeness. Sessions draw on guided movement and touch work, and offer a relational approach in which the therapist accompanies the client / mover in their process, witnessing what unfolds in a safe and held container. 

As well as guided movement and bodywork, I share somatic awareness tools for clients to practice outside of sessions which can be incredibly beneficial. These tools are especially helpful for clients working on trauma healing and nervous system disregulation, to shift out of states of dissociation, disconnect, hyper-vigilance or overwhelm, and to be able to orient to greater safety, connection and wholeness over time. 

This way of working is very much relational, in that it holds an emphasis on clients feeling comfortable and safe with the therapist. For this reason I usually recommend an initial session to see if we feel like a good fit for working together, and I am always happy to refer you to alternative therapists if needed.

Cancellation policy:

Please note I require a minimum of 24 hrs notice for cancellations or the full fee is payable

You can contact me here if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.


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Somatic Movement Therapy
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Glasgow West End​Scotland, UK

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