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Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a simple but profound contemplative movement practice, which offers the opportunity to deepen our capacity for clear seeing and compassionate witnessing of self and other. I offer space for clients to explore this practice in both individual sessions and in group contexts.

The ground form of this work is the relationship between mover and witness (or client and therapist). A safe space is created in which the mover can step into the circle, eyes closed, and follow emerging impulses for movement, stillness or sounding, through arising sensations, feelings, memories and images. Whitehouse describes this process in which we wait and allow ourselves to be moved by an impulse as: “the open waiting, which is also a kind of listening to the body, an emptiness in which something can happen. You wait until you feel a change – the body sinks or begins to tip, the head slowly lowers or rolls to one side. As you feel it begin, you follow where it leads, like following a pathway that opens up before you as you step.”

All of this is held and met by the the witness, who receives the mover's experience with non-judgemental presence and compassion. At the end of the moving time the mover comes back to their place and space is held for speaking. The mover can name aspects of their experience, and, if the mover wishes, the witness offers 'witnessing', offering the mover the possibility to feel clearly and compassionately seen. Speaking on the importance of the role of the witness, Janet Adler writes: “In human development it is only when one does feel seen by another that one can see oneself... The intrapersonal work concerns the forming of the inner witness. The presence of the outer witness can become a compassionate model for the aspect of the mover that is becoming conscious of her own experience."

As we deepen into this work, we can experience moments of profound interconnection and wholeness, as we meet and welcome the many different aspects of ourselves back into the wholeness of who we are. Authentic Movement is practiced as both a therapeutic and spiritual discipline, as well as a source of creative support and resource. 

Authentic Movement offers us tools to meet the arising of different parts ourselves within a safe and supportive container, allowing us to develop an internal compassionate witness towards ourselves and our experiences. This practice also supports the development of our own inner compass and bodily knowing, offering tools for being with uncertainty and navigating the unfolding path of our lives, one step at a time. For many who have experienced this modality, Authentic Movement is a powerful tool for healing, that can support states of inner calm, clarity, restfulness, aliveness and connection. I offer space for clients to explore this practice in both individual sessions and in group contexts.


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