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Reading Corner

An ever growing list of texts that inspire and inform my practice...



Franklyn Sills - Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics vol 1 and 2


Franklyn Sills - Being and Becoming


Michael Kern - Wisdom in the Body

Hugh Milne- The Heart of Listening


Peter Levine - In an Unspoken Voice


Babette Rothschild - The Body Remembers


Babette Rothschild - Help for the Helper


John P. Conger - Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow


Ron Kurtz - Body- Centered Psychotherapy


Linda Hartley - Somatic Psychology


Linda Hartley - Wisdom of the Body Moving


Stanley Keleman - Emotional Anatomy


Don Hanlon Johnson - Bone, Breath and Gesture


Don Hanlon Johnson - Groundworks: Narratives of Embodiment


Janet Adler - Offering from the Conscious Body


Patricia Pallaro - Authentic Movement: Essays by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow


Susan Aposhyan - Natural Intelligence


Ashley Montagu - Touching


Dean Juhan - Job's Body


Eugen T. Gendlin - Focusing


Arnold Mindell - Working with the Dreaming Body


Arnold Mindell - Riding the Horse Backwards


Sean McNiff - Art as Therapy


Miranda Tufnell - Body, Space, Image


Miranda Tufnell - A Widening Field: Journeys in Body & Imagaination


Candace Pert - The Molecules of Emotion


John Welwood - Awakening the Heart


Thick Nhat Hanh - The Heart of Understanding


Taihen Dan Leighton - Cultivating the Empty Field


Ram Dass - How Can I Help?


Clarissa Pinkola Estes - Women Who Run with the Wolves



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