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What happens during a craniosacral therapy session?

Sessions begin with a case history to gather inforation to inform the treatment. Following this we will work with settling and resourcing your system before moving to the treatment table.


Clients always remain fully clothed for the duration of a treatment, and a very light contact is used, usually starting at the feet, and then moving to other areas of the body as appropriate. The practitioner will keep a gentle verbal contact throughout the session. This is helpful for both client and therapist to track the progression of the session, and to ensure that the client feels comfortable, safe and resourced at all times.


Treatments take place in much stillness, and can be quite diverse in how they unfold from one session to the next.

People's experiences can include:


• A greater sense of inward connection 

• Sensations of spaciousness, warmth and softening.

• Experiencing a shift or release of pain in the body. 

• Feeling like they are dreaming while awake.

• Expereincing memories or images arising.

• A sense of wholeness and integration in their body.

• Feeling a deep quality of peace and relaxation.




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Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy

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